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Ideal both for new buildings as well as for modernization projects

The roller shutter is often mounted on top of the window or fitted inside the window reveal. Not only is this not very attractive, it also causes distinct loss of light. A Blaurock window/roller shutter invention is the perfect answer. It is a window with a roller shutter integrated in the upper part of the frame. The advantages for the house owner are amazing. Your house will:

Look more attractive

Have more safety features and

Be better thermally insulated. Even your neighbors will be amazed when they see your house.

Blaurock miracle window

Blaurock PVC windows with integrated aluminum roller shutters The advantages at a glance

The ingenious combination of the high-quality Blaurock window and an aluminum roller shutter integrated in one element offers you substantial advantages:

Safety and protection from burglaries

Improved sound insulation

Ideal thermal insulation

Good repair ability

Elegant and attractive design

Discover the hidden talents

Almost no loss of light compared with windows without roller shutters.

No roller shutter box projecting into the room.

Ideal thermal insulation as a standard feature: U value at the top of the roller shutter: 1.3 Wm²/K, U value at the bottom of the roller shutter: 1.0 Wm²/K. An even lower U value is possible with the use of special thermal insulation glazing.

Sound insulation as a standard feature: Top of the roller shutter: sound insulation category 2 = 34 dB, bottom of the roller shutter: sound insulation category 3 = 38 dB

1 Integrated anti-lifting mechanism.

2 Strong, extruded, durable aluminum outside cover.

3 Easily accessible maintenance covers in front of the window.

4 Roller shutter plate made from non-corrosive solid aluminum rounded sections, fixed on both sides. Sound, rain and wind insulation as well as thermal insulation and various safety features.

5 Reinforced bottom section with end-to-end angle clips.

6 Peripheral seal unit with non-wearing seals.

7 Octagonal shaft made from galvanized steel, fitted with dust-proof and weather-proof ball bearings.

8 High-quality thermal insulation double glazing, sound insulation possible up to category 4.

9 Special roller shutter guides with brush seals for quiet shutter movement.

10 Casement and window frames are generally reinforced with non-corrosive steel.

Taking pleasure in wisdom

Blaurock combined window/roller shutter elements have considerable thermal insulation properties and thus pay for themselves over the years!

Individual customized fly screens are available for all doors and windows as a fixed frame, swing door, sliding door or roller blind.