Blaurock PVC windows The ideal solution!

Reasonably priced, durable and attractive: Ideal both for modernization projects as well as for new buildings

Attractive design The classic casement geometry with its clear, simple and timeless lines fulfills the requirements of modern architecture with its reduced stylistic features. Barely visible silver‑grey seals and the deep insertion of the edge of the glass make the frame appear slender.  Good thermal insulation The innovative technology with five insulation chambers and an increased basic depth of 70 mm insure excellent thermal insulation properties. Two continuous sealing levels and the deep insertion of the edge of the glass also insure a reduction in energy consumption. High‑quality double glazing minimizes thermal penetration while guaranteeing maximum transparency in order to allow more light to enter the room.

Living in comfort The seal unit with two continuous sealing levels and the special properties of the double glazing provide excellent insulation from sound, rain and wind. It is also possible to supply special glazing offering a higher level of sound insulation if necessary.

Durability and environmental compatibility The robust steel profiles in the window frame and the casements insure stability, functional reliability and durability while the reduced energy consumption, low CO2 emissions and the fact that the windows are fully recyclable all lead to environmental compatibility.

Easy to clean Smooth weather-proof surfaces mean that the windows require only a low level of cleaning in order to remain looking new even after a number of years.

A certain feeling of safety

To arrive home and open the front door to your very own private surroundings, or to go out and close the door behind you knowing that nothing will happen while you are away is everyone’s dream. Unfortunately that is not always the case. Burglaries, resulting in the loss of valuable items, and vandalism are on the rise. The most frequent points of entry for burglars and vandals are windows. Our windows are designed and constructed with safety in mind. Part of the concept is to equip them with modern technology so as to meet the highest of safety standards.

Taking pleasure in wisdom

Blaurock windows have considerable thermal insulation properties and thus pay for themselves over the years.

Individual customized fly screens are available for all doors and windows as a fixed frame, swing door, sliding door or roller blind.