Hurrican proofed windows and doors

More protection for your home and saving energy Blaurock PVC windows and doors meet or exceed International Building Code standards for air / water / structural and large impact protection. They are tested by Metropolitan Date County protocols PA 201 (Large Missile Impact), PA 202 (Uniform Structural Loading) and PA 203 (Cycling Wind Pressure). The testing results indicate compliance with the Florida Building code and allow the installation of the windows in the High Velocity Hurricane Costal Zones.

Your home. It’s your refuge, your sanctuary, the place you and your family safest. It’s a reason you need Blaurock Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors.


Single Tilt & Turn Casement Windows

Double Tilt & Turn Casement Windows

Picture Windows

Arch Top Picture Windows

Single French Doors

Double French Doors

Single French Doors with Site Lites


Laminated Safety Insulation Glass with PVB Interlayer a Low-E Coating on Surface 3

U-Value 1.34 W/m²K


Heavy duty multi cambered PVC frame reinforced with steel