Performance and Progress

Milestones in the development of a successful company

On April 1, 1966, the engineer, Klaus Blaurock, established a company called ING. KLAUS BLAUROCK with headquarters in Brendlorenzen near Salz/Saale. The original company specialized in the manufacture and installation of blinds which were especially designed to be retrofitted into older buildings that were being modernized. ...Further development in the 1970s

The company extended its product range by including aluminum roller shutters and also increased its sales activities. The company soon became too big for its premises and started to look for a long-term solution to its space problems, especially in the area of manufacturing. A large plot of land was found in Salz. Construction on a new production and administration building commenced immediately. Blaurock started also manufacturing PVC windows adopting the increasingly popular trend towards PVC as a low-maintenance and durable material. At this time Blaurock also introduced windows with integrated roller shutters onto the market, the so-called combined window/roller shutter element. … in the 1980s

Blaurock gained wide recognition and recorded strong growth fueled by a consistent policy of guaranteeing high quality products and services. The award of the RAL quality seal for Blaurock PVC windows proved recognition of our high quality standards. Blaurock was also awarded the BAVARIAN STATE PRIZE IN GOLD for outstanding workmanship at the 39th Internationale Handwerksmesse in Munich. It was the first time in the history of the Bavarian State Prize that a company in Lower Franconia received this prestigious award. Blaurock received many national and international awards, the result of continuous product improvement and new product development. To guarantee high customer satisfaction, Blaurock test its product on an ongoing basis to ensure its high quality standards. By constant additions to the existing product lines, Blaurock was able to offer a greater variety of products to its customers and thus continue to increase its market share. … in the 1990s

The top product (FR 6006) is the only window element with an integrated roller shutters which leds to hardly any loss of light. With its sensational patent design, Blaurock was able to combine the window and roller shutter in an ingenious way without having to accept the hitherto acknowledged disadvantages of the top-mounting shutters such as loss of light, thermal bridges, etc. In 1996 the family business, with a long tradition, was sold to an international investment group who changed its name to Blaurock GmbH.. … today

In 2000 Rainer Reichert took over the management of the company as a managing shareholder. Offering tailor-made package solutions to interested parties and customers naturally continued as the corporate philosophy. Blaurock also tested the waters abroad and was able to break successfully into the market in Europe and USA. October 2001 in Orlando USA, Blaurock was the first company in the world to pass the so-called "Hurricane Test" for PVC windows with special double glazing. Over 2.000 hurricane-proof windows are being installed in a housing estate on the Caribbean island of Anguilla. The project started in 2007 and is ongoing. To ensure the highest quality our product, all units are produced at our Salz factory and shipped to the island.